Natalya's Mark

Hand-worn claws that are not retractable. 3 silver blades protrude out over the knuckles, in a "W" shape when worn. It has a strange inscription in an unknown writing on the sides on the center blade.

weapon (melee)

Only Rogues, Ninjas, and Assassins can use claws.
“Claw” weapons can be charged with “Martial Arts combinations” by their users.

When attacking with Natalya’s Mark, add +1 fire damage per dice.

Damage : 2 dx4 (Slashing)
Weight: 1.5 Lbs
Critical: 19-20 2x damage
Range: N/A

Rosier Ledet


Awarded to Rosier from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment upon cleansing the “Den of Evil.”

Natalya's Mark

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