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The Old
The first generation of nephalem were called the Ancients. It is believed that they set out exploring, seeking answers, attempting to understand the world in which they lived. Millennia after their birth, Deckard Cain speculated that thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of these Ancients existed, though by the time of his life, only the names of Bul-Kathos, Vasily, Esu, and Rathma were remembered, and treated more like deities.





The New
In the latest age of Sanctuary, most people have forgotten the old Deities with their “absence.” The people recognize the more visible Archangels as the Deities left in charge and control of their world. Many old temples are left in ruins and many converted to worship the Archangels now. Though the Archangels rarely appear to the inhabitants of Sanctuary, every time one of them does, the tale spreads like wildfire and the zeal of his followers bolsters beyond belief.

All Archangels are believed to be accessible by the people of this world in some way. Though they are random responsive to prayers, cries for help, or quests in their name; these Archangels are believed to not only exist in another plane adjacent to Sanctuary, but to actually be able to travel across these planes and intervene in matters of Sanctuary. Great tales are always heard of the Archangels and their exploits or interventions of divine proportions; however, if you haven’t seen them with your own eyes, you aren’t 100% sure that this is all true.

Auriel – Archangel of Hope

Imperius – Archangel of Valor

Itherael – Archangel of Fate

Malthael – Archangel of Wisdom

Tyrael – Archangel of Justice

Clans of Note

The Vizjerei is one of the major mage clans of Kehjistan, primarily located in Caldeum. The clan is known for their strict discipline and ability to curb even the most wild of young magic wielders in to proper sorcerers. On the eastern edge of the Twin Seas lie the emerald jungles of Kehjistan. Several thousand years ago, hunter-gatherers found themselves drawn to the lush, fertile rain forests and bountiful game inhabiting Kehjistan. But there was something else; Kehjistan’s geography was rife with nodes of magical energies, and eventually those with innate, arcane abilities began to sense and recognize these forces, gathering in groups to settle these special areas. It was here that the original mage clans, the Vizjerei, the Ennead and the Ammuit, were founded. Other early mage clans include the Zann Esu and the Priests of Rathma (though, not a mage clan in it’s truest form). As civilization evolved, the mage clans found many different types of magical energies to manipulate. Magic teaching turned from tribal witchcraft (combining magic with physical effects such as herbs and volatile powders) to organised schools of magic including holy, nature, primal, elemental and the more devastating arcane & demonic magics. At some unknown time, the use of arcane magic was outlawed due to it’s unpredictable and vastly destructive nature, bending time itself. The Vizjerei were particularly interested in demonic magic, summoning small demonic forms to do their bidding, and use its powerful destructive powers to do their biddings. Vast libraries were compiled with knowledge of demonic magic and demonic entities. At the time, two of the most powerful mages were the brothers Bartuc and Horazon of the Vizjerei.

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